Hydraulic Profile and Section Bending 4 Rolls Machine

▶ 4 Rolls Machine
▶ Steel Welded Construction Frame.
▶ On 90 and 110mm Shaft Models 3 Rolls are driven by hydromotor + planetary reducers , on 70mm Shaft Model 2 Rolls are driven
▶ Hardened and ground shafts made of high tensile special steel.
▶ Standard Rolls (1 Set with 4 Rolls).
▶ Rolls are hardened and ground in the hole.
▶ Bottom and lateral rolls hydraulic movable up-down.
▶ Horizontal and Vertical Working Position.
▶ On 70mm Shaft model 1+1 axis Guide Rolls , on 90 and 110mm Shaft models 3+3 axis Guide rolls
▶Mobile ControlPanel.
▶ User’s Manual with EC Certification.
▶ Infinitively variable speed adjustment
▶ 3+3 hydraulic supports
▶ Automation with NC control
▶ NNC kind of pipes, tubes, profile rolls and HEB, IPN and UPN beam attachments are available upon request